Jenifer Wall


Founding a move management business several years ago, Jenifer Wall has enjoyed a full work calendar. But, her concept for this business didn't happen overnight.


Serving as an admissions director for an assisted living facility, Jenifer found her most rewarding task that of helping clients with the most perplexing situation: how to downsize from their family home and deal with the very sensitive issues of who is going to make the choices. She even visited some of these homes, assessing the situation, and advising on staging the home for sale, while working to satisfy everyone involved. She began to develop a process for evaluating a property, making the decisions on what to keep, sell, donate and toss. She determined what work needed to be done on the home, from repair to furniture layout and styling.


From there, Jenifer developed several decorative accessory collections for a home furnishings company. Throughout this experience she listened to what consumers want and need to decorate their homes, that is, what color and theme stories evoke comfort and serenity. Soon after, Jenifer combined her love of interiors with her experience in helping seniors by consulting for clients looking to prepare their homes for sale, and downsize. This experience, combined with a collegiate major in Business and Communications, equipped Jenifer with the unique perspective she brings to Smartly Staged.


If asked, Jenifer will tell you that professional styling is important in this competitive real estate market, but it is the organization, efficiency, and discretion that define the value of a staging company.

Martha Sutyak


Staging comes easily to Martha Sutyak, but only after over 30 years as an interior designer, consumer product designer, and photography stylist.


It all started with a college major that combined the science of human behavior and interior design. At Cornell, she studied what influences certain responses in our environment. That is, what colors, furniture arrangement, textures, light, evoke a feeling of harmony and order, and what doesn't.


She put this focus to work at an interior design firm in Manhattan, and quickly became a home furnishings fashion coordinator, travelling the world assessing trends in home furnishings and communicating an edited version to her retail employer.


Martha eventually landed on the Northshore, and has worked as a design director for several corporations, and as a photography stylist, designing and styling photos for clients in the home furnishing industry.


Martha will admit that the goal of creating order and visual harmony in a property, often in a compressed time frame, is certainly a challenge, but the kind of challenge that motivates her with the prospect of turning a house into a home, ready for sale.