The toughest part of moving, once the decision has been made, is the coordination of all that needs to be done.  We know the sequence that works to efficiently support your move. We will help every step of the way (as needed); sorting every item, guiding in deciding what will go where -  packing, labeling, documenting  possessions as they are dealt with. We offer a full range of services; everything your specific situation requires  a total clean out, repairs, staging, interior design, and more. Clients are often surprised to learn just how deep we go, methodically working through possessions to ensure that we all know where everything is, or where it went.  



As Jenifer always says,   "It takes gentle words and a strong back to help clients move forward from a beloved home or estate." As an experienced senior living professional, Jenifer manages these moves with care, discretion, and at the pace needed to make a smooth transition. Sorting, packing, storing, and even digitally recording possessions is just the beginning.