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Mary K.


My husband and I enlisted Jenifer and Martha of Smartly Staged to help stage our home in Swampscott as we prepared to put it on the market. We relied on their knowledge and expertise in staging our home in order to enhance its value and provide the best presentation to potential buyers.  Jenifer and Martha worked with us to declutter and arrange furnishings and accessories so the rooms were sleek and clean and clearly demonstrated their purpose.  They have a great sense of elegance and style and instinctively know what appeals to buyers. 

They were delightful to work with. They communicated with us constantly, worked in a timely fashion, and effectively set realistic goals.


It was such a stress reliever to have their guidance and support through the whole process of preparing to sell a home. We have no doubt that the  attractive presentation of our home was a factor in its quick sale. 


We would highly recommend Jenifer and Martha of Smartly Staged to evaluate and meet your staging needs. 



"They Came; They Saw; They Conquered the Clutter!"


"Like many people we thought of "house stagers" as interior designers who could rearrange and reorganize a home to help it sell more quickly.  Smartly Staged was so much more!  In a few short days, and in tune with our tastes and personalities, they created a potential layout for a "House Beautiful" magazine!  They suggested ways to "re-purpose" and reposition our own furniture and artwork to improve the layout and flow.  They saw what needed to be rearranged, packed or stored away - or scoured, scrubbed and made to look like new.  Then the best part - they had the people to get it done! OR they helped us do it ourselves. With recommendations for a few modest and tasteful new purchases, the space was transformed both inside and out.  


The only thing more positive about Smartly Staged finished "product" was working alongside such wonderful people.  In addition to a home more beautiful and serene than before - one that nearly made us wonder whether we wanted to move! - we value the relationship with these outstanding people.  We have recommended them without qualification and will continue to do so in future."



North Shore Realtor


"I can honestly say that Smartly Staged has made a big difference with my successful handling of a number of properties. The combined styles of Jenifer and Martha make for refreshing spaces filled with colorful accents and creative use of furniture. When one of my sellers says they want to get going with selling their property, I know that they will be in good hands with Smartly Staged.


Thank you so much for all of your help over the years."


2010 - present

2010 - present